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The second episode of Game of Thrones' fourth season was simply incredible. “The Lion and the Rose" is centered around the one and only "Purple Wedding”, the royal wedding between King Joffrey and Lady Margaery Tyrell.

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I would like to remember with you today one of my favourite scenes so far from “Bates Motel”. It’s from the second episode of the second season, “Shadow of a Doubt”. It’s the scene of Norma’s audition at the community theatre. She sings “Maybe This Time" and I think that she was just amazing in doing that because her voice is so touching and, you know, everything that Norma does, she does it perfectly.

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Three new actors will join the cast of “Banshee“‘s third season. The three actors will be play new characters in the show but it’s not clear at the moment if they will join as regular or recurring. The first of them is Chaske Spencer famous for his role in the movie saga “The Twilight Saga“. The actor will play the role of Billy Raven a former deputy who is actually an outcast in Banshee.

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Yesterday, in L.A., the MTV Movie Awards 2014 were broadcast at the Nokia Theatre. On the red carpet, a lot of famous actresses and actors have been photographed but one of them ruled the scenes. I’m talking about Shailene Woodley, one of the best young actress of the moment.

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After the announcement of “Dominion” for this summer, Syfy is actually working on a new series for next year, 2015. The show will be called “Olympus" and it will be an epic series because it will be around Gods. The story tells about a group of women and men who banished the gods in the Underworld and about Hero, the main protagonist who will become the leader of the humanity.

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Finally we have some news about the 7th and last season of HBO’s “True Blood”. This last season will premiere on Sunday 22 June and it will consist of 10 episodes. In addition to this information, the television channel published the first teaser for the season in which we can see a lot og graves. 

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