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Game of Thrones - So am I the Queen?

Ok, after the second episode of this new season of “Game of Thrones" I thought than this third episode will be less interesting but, luckily, I was wrong. This third episode was full of great scenes and every characters now has something important to give to the show.

First of all we saw that was Littlefinger to save Sansa from Cersei’s anger and that’s a great thing because, I think, he has some kind of interest in the girl, maybe because he was in love with her mother but. who knows? Who will Joffrey? Lord Baelish? I don’t think so, I think that someone else ordered the murder and, in my opinion, was Tywin Lannister because, now, he can control the new king, Tommen Baratheon.

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For this week’s #TBT, I would like to remember with you one of my favourite scenes from “Nashville”. It’s from the second season, episode 5 titled “Don’t Open That Door”, when Rayna James (Connie Britton) try to sing her song “Best Songs come from Broken Hearts”.

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I am loving this season of TVD. So controversial. So many different things popping up and never boring. Check out the comments on the last episode on the article TVD-The fairy tale is over

Scandal season 3 is over, and Olivia seems gone but how long would she resist?

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I think that by now the majority of people have watched the finale of HIMYM and I can finally go through with some comments. Well, what has been your first reaction? 

I think I still have to recover. I mean it all makes perfectly sense but..well I have a few buts. Read the article and share your comments on mkserialblog

Finally after some teaser trailers, the first long trailer for the second season of “Orange is the New Black”, has been revealed. I just watched this video about 100 times because it’s amazing, this new season will be epic and all our favourite characters are in there, with the new ones. My only question is, where is Tiffany? I know that she will return in this new season, but where is she in this video? Hope to see her soon but, in the meanwhile, enjoy this video and feel free to return in the world of Litchfield prison.


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